One of my high school buddies had a 1970 Challenger T/A. Back in the day I didn't realize how special this car was and how hard it would be to find a nice one now. (who did right? Just name your car and fill in the blanks on your own story)

He took he car apart for some reason that I don't recall and parked it in his barn. I ran into him in the late 80's and found out he still had the car. No, not for sale..going to rebuild it someday. You've heard it before.

Now, this barn is only 5 miles from where I live. So, once in awhile I would drive by (not a road I normally travel) hoping to get a glimpse of the purple Challenger. The barn doors were always closed. I never saw the car again. In the late 90's I drove by (some dreams never go away) and the barn was gone.

Talk about a final ending..but wait..maybe he just moved the car. Many years have gone by and it has been probably 20 years since I saw my classmate, but his wife now works at the bank I do business with. I see her every Thursday. I think it's time to find out what really happened with that 70 Challenger T/A

Here is a heartbreaker pic of a Challenger that was kept in a barn a little too long. Yep, part of the barn came down on this original owner car. You can see on the left another top that he has to repair the car. Hopefully this Challenger will live on.

Got any barn stories??