Rick Jones has been working on American Motors cars since before he could legally drive. He has become a very accomplished restoration craftsman. He has also become in demand for his engine building skills. Reliable, strong running motors gets any car lovers attention.

Greg Taylor came to Rick with a 304 motor he wanted to build for his Jeep. He was looking for more power and better mpg. Rick and Greg came up with a game plan and set it into motion. Here are the engine specs:

**** BUILD SPECS - 330" AMC V8 ****
BLOCK: 1979 AMC 304 V8 (milled for Zero-Deck)
Bore : 3.83” (stock 304 is 3.75”)

CRANK: NOS AMC 390 Forged crank (cross-drilled)
Stroke : 3.574” (stock AMC 401)

RODS: 5.858” long AMC 401 I-beam rods 1.001” bushing for floating pin
PISTONS: Custom forged Diamond Racing pistons (Special design for AMCs)
Result in 9.8:1 compression with 58-cc heads

CAM: Crower Turbomaster Hydraulic flat tappet for AMC V8
Advertised Intake Duration : 278
Advertised Exhaust Duration : 260
Intake Duration @ 0.050” lift : 212
Exhaust Duration @ 0.050” lift : 200
Intake Valve Lift w/1.6 Rocker Ratio : 0.461”
Exhaust Valve Lift w/1.6 Rocker Ratio : 0.426”
Lobe Separation : 114

LIFTERS: Rhodes anti-pump up hydraulic lifters (variable duration)
Low RPM = 190 PSI Cranking Pressure
High RPM = 177 PSI cranking pressure

HEADS: 1979 AMC 360 heads. ~58cc Chambers
Heads will incorporate combustion chamber grooves which allow use of 87 octane gas on 10:1 motors … may run E85 at some point

VALVES: Small Block Chevy conversion (w/undercut stems)
INT: 1.94” diameter (stock AMC 304 is 1.787”)
EXH: 1.50” diameter (stock AMC 304 is 1.406”)

ROCKER ARMS: Scorpion 1.6:1 Aluminum roller rockers for AMC V8 (Pedestal-mount setup … modified Ford Pedestal)

HEAD GASKET: ROL XTreme 0.045” compressed thickness

INTAKE MANIFOLD: Offenhauser 360 Equa-flow intake for AMC V8 with Quadrajet pattern

CARBURETOR: Brand new 2.0” bore Fish Carburetor (new limited production run) ... ... very unique & rare carb ... out-performs any other carb in power and MPGs, and can switch between multiple fuels with only minutes of adjustment. Carb has NO JETS.

EXHAUST: Doug Thorley Tri-Y Headers for Full Size Jeeps. 3.0” single exhaust. Modified for Lambda O2 sensor port

You can view a post Greg made to see more details and motor pics. 304 stroker motor pics.